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At DriveMe, we believe fleet services are incredibly important in the logistics value chain. We exist to service every organization and individual that owns a vehicle for personal, commercial and any other reason. Our services appeal to every vehicle owner as there is a reason to utilize at least 1 of our services.

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Our driver outsourcing and training service is created to deliver optimal value to our clients. There are several stories from clients about their past experiences with drivers about rudeness, negligence, lack personal hygiene and numerous other behavioural issues. We have taken these challenges as our mandate to ensure that through DriveMe, clients have better experiences with drivers outsourced to them. We source, interview, verify, and train drivers before they are outsourced to clients.

DriveMe also ensures that our clients’ vehicles are adequately maintained and the cost of maintenance is not overpriced. Our fleet management package offers both preventive and repair maintenance. We also use software for vehicle history recording which will notify us when preventive maintenance is due. DriveMe regularly updates clients with information on every vehicle in the fleet. Clients subscribed to this package spend less time worrying about their fleet operations and more time achieving their core operations. Our team has also discovered that vehicle license and registration processing and also keeping tabs of the expiration date for these documents can be a chore, hence, DriveMe works directly with the vehicle license issuing authority to provide speedy processing for our clients. As part of the service we also deliver complete documentation to the doorstep of our clients.

DriveMe also proposes to clients our insurance brokerage service where we shop for best comprehensive insurance policy rates from insurance companies and present the best cover to our clients at no added cost to the client. Rentals of both cars and boats are another service we offer. Cars are available to prospective clients for weddings, concerts, seminars or other dignitary transportation. At DriveMe, we are a one-stop shop for all fleet/vehicle related services.